What is Bursitis of the Knee?.

Knee bursitis is a condition which occurs when a bursa in the knee becomes irritated, inflamed, or
infected. Bursae are small, closed, sacs which contain synovial fluid. They are located around joints and
function as a gliding surface to reduce friction during joint movement and cushion the pressure
points between the bones and tendons, muscles and skin near your joints.
Bursitis usually occurs when there is excessive friction over the bursa causing it to become
inflamed, or when it dries out so it no longer works properly.
They are found all over the body and there are approximately fourteen around the knee.
Any of the bursae in your knee can become inflamed, but knee bursitis most commonly occurs over the
kneecap or on the inner side of your knee below the joint.
Although it is usually not infectious (aseptic bursitis), the bursa can become infected. This
condition is called septic bursitis.