The amount of vitamin B6 adults (19-64 years) need is about:
1.4mg a day for men
1.2mg a day for women
Your body can’t store vitamin B for long but you should be able to get all the vitamin B6 you need from a healthy varied and balanced diet.

Vitamin B6 deficiency

Risk factors of B vitamin deficiencies may include:
• Vegetarians or vegan diets – vitamin B12 is mainly found in animal-based foods
• Consuming large amounts of processed and high in sugar foods
• Medical conditions – such as kidney disease – that prevent the small intestine from absorbing nutrients from foods)
• Certain genetic diseases and some epilepsy medications also can lead to deficiency..
• Drinking too much alcohol

People deficient in vitamin B may have symptoms including:
• Anaemia
• Skin problems
• Hair problems
• Tiredness and irritability

Too much vitamin B6?

Vitamin B6 supplements are best taken only on a doctor’s advice, don’t take too much as this could be harmful.
Symptoms of too much vitamin B6 include painful, unsightly skin patches, sensitivity to sunlight, nausea, and heartburn. It can cause severe nerve damage leading to a loss of feeling and control in the arms and legs. This is known as known as peripheral neuropathy.