Sydney East Podiatry’s sports podiatrists are highly experienced in foot and lower limb injuries. Our number one goal is to help you get back pain and injury free. During your appointment your injury will be assessed comprehensively. This includes thorough assessment of your pain, your injury history, footwear, as well as an assessment of your complete lower limb biomechanics and alignment. Using the information acquired from your assessment we will provide you with a short and long term management plan which will keep you be pain free and on track for your upcoming sporting goals.

Sydney East Podiatry is the number one place for sports injury management, as we don’t just understand injury and pain, we understand sports, training load and what being an athlete requires. We will work with you and around your training and athletic goals to have you back racing and playing at your best.

Sydney East Podiatry prescribes only flexible shell orthotics which help support over pronation but allow the foot to pronate as it is a necessary function in the gait cycle. We want our foot to be a shock absorbing spring loaded leaver, a flexible orthotic can help prevent over use injuries but not reduced our level of shock absorption. This makes our orthotics not only comfortable but adaptive and allowing our body to act around its optimal level of efficiency