At least once a week someone will say to me “that’s just a pain I get when…” They make the assumption that they just have to live with some pain, usually because they believe they are “old”. Some did stupid things when they were younger, “went back too early”, or “thought I’d work through it”.

No one has to live with pain “just because”. Usually pain is your body’s way of telling you that you are not suited to an activity, or that there is an imbalance somewhere stopping you being your best. Now that Sports and Exercise Medicine is taken as seriously as all other medical specialties in Australia, we understand so much more about activity related pain, and there are more ways to diagnose and treat pain effectively.

So if pain is affecting your training, don’t think of it as “just my pain”, get it looked at by someone who understands you want to run pain free, so you can train to be the best you can be.